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TAP ESSENTIALS with Jason Rodgers

Online Tap Course:
Tap Essentials
with Jason Rodgers
I'm back teaching tap class!!! I'm excited to announce a new, fun way to learn tap! Would you like an opportunity to really improve your tap dancing and take things to the next level? Check out my new course, Tap Essentials, online at
About this course:
Tap Essentials is an online tap course for all levels of tap dancers looking to improve their fundamentals and technique, setting an important foundation for endless growth. You will learn four key exercises and have the opportunity to challenge yourself at three tempos depending on your experience. is an online dance studio created for dancers by dancers. This unique challenge-based learning environment enforces improvement by introducing dance challenges that must be filmed and submitted at the end of each lesson. Students watch themselves dancing and film themselves until they feel it's as perfect as they can get it. And then the teacher responds to that video with the level of feedback that the student selected at the beginning of the course.
In many ways I find this online method to be more student beneficial than a traditional, in person tap class. I put my course on RhythmJuice because I love teaching tap, I love seeing my students improve on a regular basis, and this system pretty much guarantees it will happen as long as you practice! Check out this quick, informational video to find out more about RhythmJuice. This course will prepare you for more advanced tap dancing courses and opportunities.  See you in class!

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